CAPRICORN Horoscope – Capricorn Zodiac Compatibility Through Signs, Dates, Traits

Capricorn Horoscope in Short
Zodiac Element :  Earth
Zodiac Symbol :  Goat
Known as : Ambassadors
Ruling Color : Dark Blue
Favorable Day :  Saturday
Hindu Name :  Makar
Exaltation Planet :  Mars
Debilitation Planet :  Jupiter
Chinese Zodiac :  Rooster
Sum-up in 1 line :
Capricorn Horoscope Personality and Character Traits
According to Gregorian or Christian Calendar, Aries has been regarded as first zodiac sun sign of all the Astrological signs. Sun enters Aries on 21st of March. As being the first ruler of all the Zodiac signs, they prefer to lead, they are first ones to initiate any process, irrespective of tasks nature; because they also possess fearlessness as their quality. What Aries born person don’t like is, to take orders from anyone, they prefer to make their own destiny through their Karma. Aries man or a woman does not prefer to sit idle, they always wanna get move ahead in life, whether it’s in work or in relationship or in life; they are not afraid to make mistakes in life and learn from them quickly, to achieve that wisdom which makes them successful in their life. In order to get things done, Aries can lie too, if it fulfills their self interest, however they are not very good at lying. Many times, Aries doesn’t give a second thought before speak/act on anything which in turn lands them with a feeling of guilt later.
Capricorn Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Capricorn Horoscope Man

Managerial Consultant : If someone shows up in your office wearing a dark suit, carrying a briefcase, and conducting “interviews” with staff, you may be dealing with a Capricorn. Waste not, want not is their motto.

Financial Planner : Capricorn is obsessed with building wealth and funding retirement plans. They grow up learning the ins and outs of compound interest and the joys of asset management.

Antiques Dealer : Capricorn has a love of history and provenance. They get all worked up over period and style and seek to collect almost anything making them cut out for the world of buying and selling antiques.

Cashier : In any retail outlet, movie theater, fast food restaurant or casino, there are probably a high percentage of Capricorns taking and counting your cash. They love to stack the bills with heads facing toward them, sorted into denominations.

Computer Programmer : Capricorns are tenacious and dedicated, and possess a deep well of patience to find a missing tag or the reason why the script won’t run.

Career Options for Capricorn Horoscope Woman

Accountant : If you need your taxes done, a financial statement prepared or a treasurer for your organization, this is the person to call. hey will not let you cheat nor misrepresent funds due to a strict sense of duty.

Professional Organizer : Capricorns love to flex their organizational muscles by finding a place for everything and being a model for others in getting rid of clutter.

Real Estate Developer : This career allows them to put their heart and soul into a project and return a big profit in a very short time. These smarty pants will find good materials at a bargain price that will make the place only appear more valuable.

Appraiser : Capricorn revel in contact with an abundance of material goods and property. They will enjoy the process of figuring out what something is worth.

General Laborer : Capricorns have a keen work ethic and will do anything for money. Rarely do they forego a formal education, but when they do, they are able to make the most of it.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Capricorn Man Horoscope

Make him feel special : Make a Capricorn male feel special by complimenting him to boost their ego,asking him for advice to make him feel useful or asking about his work or a project he is passionate about.

Be logical : Facts are highly appreciated. The man born under the Capricorn astrology sign prefers reality above outrageous dreams. If you want to seduce the Capricorn man you must respect his ambition and need for control.

Capricorns are Traditional : Sometimes it is difficult for the modern man to get past the social rules Capricorn abides by. They are least likely to be interested in a one-night stand. He is most likely to ask a women’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage and to play by all of the rules along the way.

Some tips and advice to how to date a Capricorn woman and win her love :

Be Hilarious: Capricorn Girls love good sense of humor . If you can make her laugh and stick around long enough for her to feel comfortable, she will be much more open to being seduced.. Remember Jim Carrey, Betty White and Maggie Smith are all Capricorns.

Take it Slow : Capricorns are patient and if you’re dating one, you need to be too. They’re looking for a real long-term commitment and they don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Don’t make a pass too soon : If you want a Capricorn woman to fall in love with you, don’t make a pass at her on the first date. Because this girl takes a somewhat old-fashioned approach to love, if she’s genuinely interested in you, she may prefer to delay physical intimacy for a while.

Some interesting Astrological facts about Capricorns
House Ruled :  Tenth
Gemstones Worn :  Black Onyx, Emerald
Lucky Number :  6, 9 and 8
Regional Names :  Makara
Ruled by Planet :  Mars


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