GEMINI Horoscope – Gemini Zodiac Compatibility Through Signs, Dates, Traits

Short & Precise Description of Gemini Horoscope
Zodiac Element :  Air
Zodiac Symbol : Twins
Known as :  Artists
Ruling Color :  Yellow
Favourable Day :  Wednesday
Hindu Name :  Mithun
Exaltation Planet :  Rahu
Debilitation Planet :  Ketu
Chinese Zodiac :  Tiger
Gemini Dates :  May 21 – June 20
Gemini Horoscope – Third Sign of the Zodiac – Personality Traits
According to Gregorian or Christian Calendar, Gemini has been regarded as third zodiac sun sign of all the Astrological signs. Gemini are mostly considered quick decision maker people. Gemini likes freedom, they don’t live life to someone’s else terms/rules and would never allow someone else to tell them what to do or what not to do. Gemini’s are always full of plans or tasks which they have in their mind and are even eager to do at any given point of time. Some astrologers also believe they posses dual nature as their zodiac symbol also suggests which is a twin; suppose they like one thing at very moment and the next moment they could start hating that the same old thing which they liked. So it is very confusing for them, as well as for the people who surrounds them. Gemini are very good story tellers, as they have good imagination (Mercury rules them), they can manipulate easily but at the same time this quality backfire them, as they exaggerate things and finally land up creating problems in any kinda relationship. If you are Gemini born person, your body is usually thin, with short trunk and long limbs (a characteristics of a good model). Your head would be narrow between the ears with nose being hooked up a little bit. Many gemini have a lot of nervous energy, there’s always movement in every part of their body which helps them to not to gain weight easily, that’s why they also look less than that of their age.
Gemini Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Gemini Horoscope Man

Public Relations Executive : Gemini are very good at speaking and could be a good manipulator.

Administration : Gemini makes a good manager, they can easily lead a team with much of enthusiasm and motivation.

Sales/Marketing Person : They can communicate well and could be the think tank for their management team.

Private Detective : Gemini’s like to get more information on any subject, they are very curious in nature.

Non Governmental Organizations : They like to unite people and help them with their knowledge pool by creating solutions for any problem.

Career Options for Gemini Horoscope Woman

Radio Jockey : Gemini loving talking and connecting with people.

Artisans; specially Jeweler or Woodworker : Gemini posses a quality of hand skills which requires working in detail.

Journalist : Gemini are immensely curious about any aspect of any topic irrespective of it’s nature.

Translator : Gemini like communicating in all aspects and work quickly and think fast.

Teacher : They love passing knowledge to young and gullible minds and make them understand complex things in simpler manner.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Gemini Horoscope Man

Tough to Date a Gemini Men : They seem to have a dual nature, sometimes they could act as sweetest person on the earth and sometimes they would act completely contrary.

One word, Unpredictable, when it comes to taking decisions : You will never know, when they would change up their mind on any matter without even thinking about it’s consequences; they have wavery mind.

Friend in need, Friend Indeed : They could your bestest friend of all time, because they can go really out of their way to help you out in any manner.

Some tips and advice for dating a Gemini Horoscope Women

Needs Emotional Compatibility First : This women first look out for emotional compatibility before entering a relationship on intimate level.

Excellent Communicator : They communicate so well whether it is relationship, job or friendship; they can express their emotions well in words.

Socially Active : If you are dating a Gemini, you should be used to of Social gatherings, because they prefer to lead a active social life.

Some interesting Astrological facts about Geminis
House Ruled by Gemini :  Third
Gemstones Worn :  Agate, Aquamarine
Lucky Number :  9, 5
Regional Names :  Jamini
Ruled by Planet :  Mercury


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