PISCES Horoscope – Pisces Zodiac Compatibility Through Signs, Dates, Traits

Pisces Horoscope in Short
Zodiac Element :  Water
Zodiac Symbol :  Fish
Also Known as :  Poet
Ruling Color :  Green
Favorable Day :  Friday
Hindu Name :  Meena
Exaltation Planet :  Venus
Debilitation Planet :  Mercury
Chinese Zodiac :  Boar
Sum-up in 1 line :
Aries Horoscope Personality Description
According to Gregorian or Christian Calendar, Aries has been regarded as first zodiac sun sign of all the Astrological signs. Sun enters Aries on 21st of March. As being the first ruler of all the Zodiac signs, they prefer to lead, they are first ones to initiate any process, irrespective of tasks nature; because they also possess fearlessness as their quality. What Aries born person don’t like is, to take orders from anyone, they prefer to make their own destiny through their Karma. Aries man or a woman does not prefer to sit idle, they always wanna get move ahead in life, whether it’s in work or in relationship or in life; they are not afraid to make mistakes in life and learn from them quickly, to achieve that wisdom which makes them successful in their life. In order to get things done, Aries can lie too, if it fulfills their self interest, however they are not very good at lying. Many times, Aries doesn’t give a second thought before speak/act on anything which in turn lands them with a feeling of guilt later.
Pisces Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Pisces Horoscope Man

Monk : This extreme career choice requires Pisces to give up all their worldly goods and take a vow of chastity. Pisces naturally spends a lot of time in reverie, it should be a natural progression to sit in prayer.

Attorney : Pisces have the ability to harness compassion, generosity, and sensitivity to uphold the law. Justice as a career will provide an opportunity to pursue the passion

Psychic : The life of a psychic medium is perfect for Pisces. They don’t have to keep a nine-to-five job and can book appointments only when they feel like it. Visions and impressions will be helpful in this career

Pharmacist : Depending on whether they want to work under or over the table, be illegal or legitimate, Pisces would love to be around and dispense drugs. They have a fascination with the properties and qualities of substances and their effect on the human body.

Bartender : This career is perfect for Pisces, as long as they can stay away from the merchandise. They have a natural affinity for the perfect blend of liquor and mixes. Failing that a hotel bar or a neighborhood pub would be just fine.

Career Options for Pisces Horoscope Woman

Religious Teacher : Pisces is perfectly suited to religious life, particularly when striving for perfection. Pisces is far from perfect but they reach for the top with reckless abandon. Being a religious leader also involves owning several homes and cars – added perks!

Filmmaker : Pisces excels at anything that involves a vivid imagination. In film they can create another world that is highly real but not necessarily capable of existing. Organization can be a real challenge, but when working on a project of this nature Pisces can summon the inner resources to create something spectacular.

Photographer : As a career for Pisces, this one is ideal. Their unique vision can be brought to life by the camera lens. Pisces can artfully enhance their work and repurpose it for other uses. They are probably responsible for a large percentage of the funny joke photos showing up in our email.

Animator : Animators are very strange creatures indeed. Most likely the field is made up of a lot of Pisces individuals. This career demands a high level of visual imagination, concentration, and technical knowledge. Pisces are capable of becoming quite lost in the project

De-Addiction Counselor : This path requires a commitment to sobriety or change, compassion, understanding and the ability to read people. Ideally they are able to help the other person get the help they need without being deceived or manipulated (an occupational hazard).

Pisces Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Pisces Man Horoscope and win his heart

Pisces are Compassionate : A Pisces man is not one to stand by and let others around him suffer. This applies to friendships and romantic relationships. A Pisces man in love will see you in pain and will make that suffering his own until he finds a way to help. That compassion makes a wonderful partner

Be Mysterious : It can be hard to nail down the personality of a Pisces. They have a mysterious sense about them, they are influenced by their surroundings and they can often react in extremes. So Pisces men can be elated one minute and then devastated the next depending on what is happening around him.

They Can be Fickle and Indecisive : Pisces can be indecisive and are driven by both the yin and the yang. They float between reality and a dream state, and are easily influenced by their surroundings, which is why you’ve probably heard that Pisces can be fickle and have an impossible time making a decision.

Some tips and advice on how to date a Pisces woman and win her love

Be Simple : Pisces enjoy simple pleasures. When it comes to dates, Pisces would rather have a simple dinner than a crowded, elbow-to-elbow restaurant.

Pisces seek true love : Pisces need to feel loved, though they won’t always explicitly state it. Being with a Pisces is more than just sharing a bed or a home together; they seek a deep spiritual connection.This could be due to our dreamy state, but Pisces want to believe true love can exist between two people.

Pisces are passionate : The sexuality of Pisces is very romantic and mystical. One of the biggest turn off for a Pisces is crude behavior, as they prefer sweetness and passion. Sex with a Pisces is intimate, passionate and mind-blowing. Pisces will always give!

Some interesting Astrological facts about Pisceans
House Ruled by Pisces :  Twelfth House
Gemstones Worn :  Amethyst, Amber
Lucky Number :  2, 6
Regional Names :  Matsya
Ruled by Planet :  Jupiter


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