TAURUS Horoscope – Taurus Zodiac Compatibility Through Signs, Dates, Traits

Short and Precise Description of Taurus Horoscope
Zodiac Element :  Earth
Zodiac Symbol :  Bull
Also known as :  Builders
Ruling Color : Green
Favorable Day :  Tuesday
Hindu Name : Vrishabh
Exaltation Planet :  Moon
Debilitation Planet :  Venus
Chinese Zodiac :  OX
Taurus Dates :  April 20 – May 20
Taurus Horoscope – Second Sign of the Zodiac – Personality Traits
According to Gregorian Calendar/Western or Christian Calendar, Taurus has been regarded as second zodiac sun sign of all the Astrological signs. Taurus are very firm, determined and stubborn in their character. That could also be the reason, that they would rather prefer working alone in any kind of environment than working in a team. Taurus are generally calm and composed in their nature, but once they are disturbed they can be really evil. Taureans never prefer change in their life; any change whether in work, life or relationship brings nervousness or worry to them; that’s why they prefer leading a comfortable and familiar routine of daily life. They never express their feelings to outer world, they prefer to be secretive when it comes to expressing emotions; because they think, no one is this world could empathy with them. They are deeply sensitive people who could hurt themselves easily by taking any negative remark made against them. They are very lazy when it comes to any task which is been given to them, unless it benefits them. If you are Taurus born person, there is certain solidness to your body, roundness to your shape, good for women who wants to have hourglass figure. Your nose flare up, a bit like a bull. Your gestures would be very slow as if your painting a canvas, because your zodiac sign is ruled by Venus, a planet of feminity. You favorite color should be dark orange or earthy colors.
Taurus Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Taurus Horoscope Man

Gardener/Ground-keeper : Taurus can be found running greenhouses, working in garden centers and flower shops, and working for companies who supply plants for businesses. They would like nothing more than spending their days cultivating roses and pruning scrubs.

Security Guard : Security is very important to Taurus and this job would probably appeal to them. It would be an excellent chance to relax, watch TV, wear a uniform, and be of service. They need to be careful not to let the power go to their heads.

Winery Owner : This venture would appeal to many sides of Taurus. They are very patient people and will insist on quality and a full-bodied taste. The best part of this business would be the continual quality control and tasting.

Landscape Designer : This profession requires several years of education, a talent for design and architecture, and vision. Taurus has an innate sense of aesthetics, and a love of living things, which make them perfect for this career.

Perfume/Cosmetics Maker : Taurus loves the finer things in life. They have finely-tuned senses and are acutely aware of beauty and elegance. If they have training in chemistry, they can then work in the world of perfume and cosmetics.

Career Options for Taurus Horoscope Woman

Model : Taureans are often very beautiful individuals and some might want to venture into modeling. Since the population is growing in more ways than one, this field is probably opening up. The money is probably plus-size too.

Surveyor : This career is interesting to Taurus because they get to work for the government, but outside in the fresh air. Some of their time is spent driving to and from locations and marking points on the terrain. This job is technical but will allow them to work close to nature.

Chef : Taurus is very comfortable in the kitchen and this career would appeal to their penchant for quality, fine foods, and, of course, their sweet tooth. The best part of this job, for a Taurus, is sampling the wares. They will take great pride in turning out a delicious and artfully arranged product.

Park Ranger : In many ways this career is well suited to Taurus. They are in charge of taking care of nature and are concerned with the welfare of the people and animals in its realm.

Finance Manager : A career in the banking industry would make a Taurus rather pleased. They get to work with people, solve their financial concerns and then find ways that they can buy more and more stuff. Meanwhile, they benefit from a good job with long-term prospects.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Taurus Man Horoscope and win his heart

Taurus love to take charge : A Taurus guy likes to be in control. He wants to know that he’s providing for you. Be aware that Taurus men also like to handle finances and will want to be in control of money-related matters. The good news is that you can usually trust them with that responsibility, since they’re practical to a T and aren’t at risk of overspending.

Taurus man are loyal : This man is very persistent and loyal. It might take him a while to choose a partner or accept a date, but when he does, you can expect him to give 100 percent. He knows how to pamper his partner and he will go out of his way to do so. This strong loyalty, devotion, and capacity to care also make Taurus men very good fathers.

Taurus are reserved : While not always passionate or expressive about his feelings, these men go deeper than most think. There are often serious thoughts going on in their heads that they might not express to others. It might take time for you to gain his confidence and trust to the level that he’s willing to share these deep thoughts with you.

Some tips and advice to how to date a Taurus woman and win her love :

Taurus women value relationship : Taurus woman prefers to keep their relationship up to themselves as relation in matter of love means a lot to them. That’s why they nuture their relationship and uplift their partners mood and motivates him all the time, rather than making fun of him.

Taurus are family oriented : Taurus’s are all about creature comforts. They’re very homey people who value a happy home life with a stable relationship and partner. Taurus’s love their families and will do everything they can to protect them.

Taureans are persistent : While Taurus women love being chased and the attention and adoration that comes with it, Taurus men, on the other hand, are a bit different. If a Taurus man wants to pursue you, he will. And against all odds. Best example of fellow Taurean woman is Penelope Cruz.

Some interesting Astrological facts about Taurus
House Ruled by Taurus :  Second House
Gemstones Worn :  Sapphire
Lucky Number :  6, 4
Regional Names :  Vrish, Vrishubh, Vrishabha
Ruled by Planet :  Venus


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