VIRGO Horoscope – Virgo Zodiac Compatibility Through Signs, Dates, Traits

Short & Precise Description of Virgo Horoscope
Zodiac Element :  Earth
Zodiac Symbol :  Maiden
Also Known as :  Craftsman
Ruling Color :  Blue
Favorable Day :  Wednesday
Virgo Hindu Name :  Kanya
Exaltation Planet :  Mercury
Debilitation Planet :  Venus
Chinese Zodiac :  Snake
Virgo Dates :  August 23 – September 22
Virgo Horoscope – Sixth Sign of the Zodiac – Personality Traits
According to Gregorian or Christian Calendar, Virgo has been regarded as sixth zodiac sign of all the astrological signs. Sun enters virgo on 22nd of August. Virgin lady is the symbol of virgo astrology sign which also makes them a shy personality and often seen being celibate which also portrays a nature of a virgin. To the outer world they always seem to be a calm and composed in nature, but in their inner self they are always like thinking, analyzing about ideas or ways in which a particular thing is being/to be done. They always want to accomplish things at it’s finest, always want to improve and accomplish things at it’s perfection. They can see what is and can also see what can be towards any kind of circumstances or a situation in worldly affairs. But at times their narrow mind could hamper their creativity which would bound them to lead a normal routine life instead of achieving big in professional life. Whether a Virgo man or woman they should stop taking them too seriously in life, they should lighten up them self by following a hobby, they are the hardest people on themselves of all zodiac signs. That is why many virgo who possess any kind of talent mostly fails to bring their work into public because of their “still working on it” trait so that they could make the work look so perfect without any flaw in it. If you are a Virgo born person, you will have average height and average body weight, ideally you will be slim to average built, but in later years of your life, you can put on few pounds. Your eyebrows can be nicely arched and nose can be hooked at the end, with fair complexion giving your face a beautiful look. Your appearance can be clean cut with always talking to the point, having powerful and balance nature but always wondering and analyzing; which might hit you at mental, because you guys worry a lot.
Virgo Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Virgo Horoscope Man

Healthcare Professional : As it is a earth sign, they tend to be more practical in life while using their intelligence in such a way that they could make a matter/substance to make it perfect or heal it. They could be dieticians, yoga instructors, surgeons, doctors.

Musician/Writer/Composer : Virgo’s have been seen to posses the deep thinking ability with excellent analytical ability which makes them a very good player with words. Virgos doesn’t quit their job until they finish it up, which makes them a good writer atleast which requires long hours to write on a subject.

Deal With Finance : Virgo people prefer career paths in areas which they can easily use their intelligence and wisdom to solve any kind of problem. These traits along with common sense approach to make money make them good, financial planner, auditor, accountant or investment banker.

Career Options for Virgo Horoscope Woman

Librarian/Event Organizer : Virgo likes everything to be utterly in perfect order. They will usually have their things put in such a orderly manner that it would easy even for a kid to find something out of it.

Cook / Chef : You never take up any job just for time pass thing, you put all the hard and work and do it with all the love. You take it very seriously and do it catiously by giving your best into it. With all the qualities listed above would definitely make you a good cook.

Psychologist / Psychiatrist : They are very good at observing people mind through their gestures or body language. They can easily read other people mind and can point flaws in very accurate way.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Virgo Man Horoscope

Needs a Supportive Partner : Virgo man is quite, analyzing and thinking much of his time resulting in self criticizing mode at most time, which makes think inferior of themselves; so it would be your daily duty to support him while giving reassurances about his insecurities which he has in hi life.

You can’t change the mindset : If a virgo man has a strong feel about something then you shouldn’t waste your time, to change his/her mind, because it will ultimately go in vain, they are very much stubborn about their decisions.

Prefers Understanding and down to earth partner : Virgo men generally look for a woman are down to earth who can make them feel secure in relationship/life. He wouldn’t like romantic types who could sweep away your feet but he would definitely be loyal and generour woth you.

Some tips and advice to how to date a Virgo woman and win her love :

You should be a Perfectionist : If you are dating a Virgo women then be prepared to be a perfectionist whether it is your iron clothes or matching pair of socks been worn with your pants. They would never go for under-rated things, they prefer even the usual things at it’s finest.

Demand Long Term relations : Virgo woman always play hard to get but once they are into something, they give their 100% into a relationship by being loyal, lovable and by even making your life in order. She would be patient and would like to work more to woo her with your efforts.

Look for a Genuine Guy : Specially this zodiac sign woman values substance, if you looking to date this zodiac women then you should be genuine, clear hearted, a real gentleman. They don’t look for men who are always after her to impress with his money or looks.

Some interesting Astrological facts about Virgos
House Ruled by Virgo :  Sixth House
Gemstones Worn :  Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Number :  3, 5
Regional Names :  Kanya
Ruled by Planet :  Mercury


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