First House in Astrology

first house in astrology

First House in Astrology (Also known as house of Self)

First House is most important house of all houses in birth chart as it helps an Astrologers in predicting your attitude towards life, your appearances, self awareness,  characteristics, behavior. First house aspects mind and body of a person, so any qualified astrological can simply predict one’s physical and psychological nature without even looking at an individual, after looking at your birth chart. Any planet transiting first house in astrology would seriously impact your personality at large, whether it would be good or bad, that depends on various other factors as well, which only a good and qualified astrologer can tell.

Zodiac Signed governed by 1st house : Aries

Planet which Rules the first house : Mars

First House meaning in one word : You

Body part effected by third house in vedic astrology : Nervous System, Hands, Shoulders

In Hindi language it is also called as : Matri Bhav, Bandhu Bhav, [where bhav means House]

Lord of First House in Various Houses

Various Planets in First House of Astrology