Fourth House in Astrology

Fourth House in Astrology Houses

4th House in Astrology (Also known as house of Family and Motherly Relations)

Fourth house is the fourth most important house of all the houses, it represents siblings or mother or the people or things who nurture us, as the fourth most important thing for a person is, things/objects/people who nurture us in our life, after we obtain them through our efforts. This house also signifies individual’s relation with his/her mother or relatives from mother’s side, . From third house in astrology, Astrologers usually judge one’s courage, bonding with siblings, communication skills, school’s education, practical approach of an individual, relation with neighbours, contracts, short travel routines. This house also denotes one’s self worth, if the second house is weak, then it means you might have to do a task with limitations/forcefully. Any planet transiting fourth house in astrology would seriously impact your mother or your peace at large, whether it would be good or bad, that depends on other factors as well, which only a good and qualified astrologer can tell.

Zodiac Signed governed by 4th house : Cancer

Planet which Rules the fourth house : Moon

Fourth House meaning in one word : Emotions

Body part effected by third house in vedic astrology : Nervous System, Hands, Shoulders

In Hindi language it is also called as : Matri Bhav, Bandhu Bhav, [where bhav means House]

Various Planets in Fourth House of Astrology

Lord of Fourth House in Various Houses


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