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Short & Precise Description of Leo Horoscope
Zodiac Element :  Fire
Zodiac Symbol :  Lion
Also Known as :  King
Ruling Color :  Orange
Favorable Day :  Sunday
Hindu Name :  Singh
Exaltation Planet :  None
Debilitation Planet :  None
Chinese Zodiac :  Dragon
Leo Dates :  July 23 – August 22
Leo Horoscope – Fifth Sign of the Zodiac – Personality Traits
According to Gregorian Calendar/Western or Christian Calendar, Leo has been regarded as fifth zodiac sun sign of all the Astrological signs. Sun enters leo on 23rd of July. Leo’s are mostly independent, optimistic, egoistic, loyal, dominating, kind and big hearted. They have a fair amount of right judgement ability because of their logical thinking and to see the bigger picture of any subject or matter. They never resist themselves from expressing their emotions or whatever it is in their mind; so instead of appreciating and acknowledging their effort, you’ll ignore it then they would think 10 times before speaking up their mind in front of you. If you wanna win the heart of a Leo, then direct communication is what you should prefer every time while getting in conversation with them, because they speak straight up their mind and what is what they prefer to hear from their opponent; but if they felt being criticized then they could also take the criticism in much negative manner which also makes the speaker their rival. They generally behave as their ruling planet which is Sun; they feel like shining, to be honoured and to be in limelight all the time which is also makes to be a craver for center of attention.
Leo Career Horoscope – Best Suitable Professions

Profession Suited for Leo Horoscope Man

Actor : Leo likes to be dramatic, they are smart and have charming personality with which they are able to capture their attention. Always grabbing attention, Leo loves to be center stage. Whether in the public eye or the life of the party, the Lion will entertain and engage everyone around him or her.

Managers/CEO’s : They love dealing with public and feel comfortable when given a leadership role to lead a team of people where decisive factors do get involved. Ambitious, authoritative, good leader, creative, generous and optimistic, the Leo readily attracts all the desired opportunities. He is comfortable especially when he is in a leadership position and is the decisional factor.

TV show/Event host : Leo natives loves being the center of attention which they can easily win with their charismatic charm, confident and optimistic nature. Like to be in limelight all the time. Whether it is a public affair or any private ceremony they love all the appreciation and adoration from people out there.

Sales Consultant : Leo loves change and variety, as well as the opportunity to work with the public. This makes him or her an excellent sales person.Lions will maximize their commissions by charming the pants off their customers. Using a unique mix of body language and fast talking, they are able to dance around the most serious reservations and arrive at “yes.”

Cardiologist : Leo has a lot of heart, but can also specialize in working with patients who have cardiac trouble. They have a talent for understanding this major vital organ and its supporting cast of arteries and the circulatory system. It takes guts and confidence to specialize in this area.

Career Options for Leo Horoscope Woman

Motivational Speaker : They have a born talent of getting people swept away their feet with their speaking skills. They are always happy to fulfil the role which is kinda bossy in nature; for example to guide people on how to be successful in professional life.

Fashion Designer/Jeweler/Interior Designer : As a lover of luxury items, they would perfectly fit into the role of above described careers. They are always attracted to fine, exceptional or extravagant things in life. Leo is attracted to everything that is beautiful: fashion,interior design, jewelry and jewelry business.

Hairstylist :The Lion has a weird fascination with hair. They can be excessively preoccupied about their own tresses, but would happily work with others. Leo hairdressers win a lot of hair competitions, where the most dramatic look is the ultimate winner.

Spokesperson : Being sexy, charming, and vocal is right up Leo’s alley. This position could suit one’s vanity and need for attention. Speak for and showcase products and services you believe in for the best success. All types of offerings are not only acceptable to Leo, but needed as much as clean air or food.

Optician : Leo is inclined towards intellectual activities rather than to physical ones. When he sets a goal, nothing can stand in his way. Leo natives have many skills, attitude and character that would be best used in medical activities.

Leo Love Horoscope

Things to keep in mind while dating a Leo Man Horoscope

Outgoing Personality : They like to socialize and enjoy being in spotlight. They can easily sweep away people feet by their charismatic personality.

Straight Forward : No matter what they would always be blunt about their feelings, they would never shy away from expressing what’s in their mind irrespective of it’s nature.

Are Generous : If they could afford all the luxuries in life, then they don’t stop themself from sharing things with their near and dear ones.

Some tips and advice to how to date a Leo woman and win her love :

Demand Independence : Their main aim in life is to lead whether it is in relationship, work or friendship; to lead in life first of all one has to stand on their own feet which is to become independent.

Immensely Emotional : They love to be quite in general but if angered they could very sensational and hot tempered as lion symbolizes.

Leo women love exceptional things : Leo’s are known for their extravagant tastes no matter what, from wine to chocolates, clothes to inner wear; they love to elegant and unique.

Some interesting Astrological facts about Leo Sign
House Ruled by Leo :  Fifth House
Gemstones Worn :  Ruby and Amber
Lucky Number :  8, 9
Regional Names :  Simha
Ruled by Planet :  Sun


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